Masters of Education: Instructional Leadership

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Masters of Education: Instructional Leadership by Mind Map: Masters of Education: Instructional Leadership

1. Psychological Foundations-Educ&Dev

1.1. Teaching for Understanding

1.2. Motivation Plan

2. Introduction to the MED

2.1. Dispositions Self-Assessment

2.1.1. Reflection

2.2. APA Style Writing Essentials

2.2.1. Pre & Post Assessments

2.3. Instructional Leadership Framework

2.3.1. Signature Assignment Instructional Leadership Definition Coursework Resources Educational Leader & Change Agent Reflection

2.4. ProQuest Ref Works

2.4.1. Sullivan Library overview

3. Introduction to Exceptional Children

3.1. Threaded Discussions

3.1.1. Exceptional Learners: Intro to Special Education 12ed. (2012)

3.1.2. How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms, 2nd edition

3.2. IDEA 2004 Overview

3.2.1. Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Powerpoint History & Evolution Timeline IEP Essential components/sections The role of GenEd teacher Qualification Procedures FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education LRE Service Delivery Setting

3.3. Autism the Musical

3.3.1. Analysis Pre and Post reflection Challenges for parents and teachers

3.4. Differentiation Plan

3.4.1. Signature Assignment Evidence-based strategies and accommodations Differentiation plan commentary Assessment for different learners

3.5. English Language Learners

3.5.1. Seven Teaching Strategies for Classroom Teachers of ELLs by Judie Haynes Lesson Plan implementing two of the seven strategies

4. Secondary English Methods

4.1. CCSS

4.1.1. Creating Text Dependent Questions for Close Analytic Reading

4.1.2. Shifts in the CCSS Text complexity Analyze, Infer, Give Evidence Writing to sources Research Academic Vocabulary

4.1.3. Reflection Discussions

4.2. Unit Texts Analysis

4.2.1. Fiction Literary Texts

4.2.2. NonFiction Informational Texts

4.3. CCSStandards Unit Plan

4.3.1. Signature Assignmet Literary Book: Animal Farm Informational Texts Solzhenitsyn, A. (2017, January 28). One World of Truth Outweighs the World. Speech. Wiesel, E. (1986, December 11). Hope, Despair, and Memory. Speech. Time to Assert American Values [Editorial]. (n.d.). The New York Times Reyes, A. Rough Justice: A Canning in Singapore Stirs Up a Fierce Debate About Crime and Punishment. Assessment Tools Writing Lesson Plan Speaking & Listening Collaborative Lesson

5. Teaching Strategies: Secondary

5.1. UbD Unit Planning Framework

5.1.1. Stage 1—Identify Desired Results

5.1.2. Stage 2—Determine Acceptable Evidence

5.1.3. Stage 3—Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction Accordingly

5.2. Time Management

5.3. Vocabulary Instruction

5.4. UbD Unit Plan

5.4.1. Signature Project Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Bloom taxonomy

5.5. Applying Concepts in the Classroom

5.5.1. Summary Rubric

5.5.2. Summary Example

5.5.3. Think as You Read Strategy

5.5.4. Reading Annotation Protocol

5.5.5. EES Lesson Plan

5.5.6. Writing Lesson

6. Multicultural Education & Diversity

6.1. Threaded Discussions

6.1.1. Comprehensive Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice by Christine I. Bennet

6.2. Personal Cultural Identity Project

6.2.1. Elder Interview Family History Presentation with reflections Cultural Values

6.3. Cultural Activity

6.3.1. A Gathering with Colleagues Analysis with Reflection

6.4. Becoming a Culturally Competent Educator

6.4.1. Signature Assignment Final Reflection

6.5. Applying Concepts in the Classroom

6.5.1. Elder Interview: Personal Cultural Identity Project

7. Ed Technology in the Classroom

7.1. Threaded Discussions

7.1.1. Educational Philosophy Discussion

7.1.2. ISTE Standards Discussion

7.1.3. Technology Integration Discussion

7.1.4. Lesson Plan Discussion

7.1.5. Integrating educational technology into teaching (7th ed.). Roblyer, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2015)

7.2. Technology Tools for 21st Century Teaching

7.2.1. Individual Project Foundations for Effective Technology Integration Lesson plan Powerpoint

7.3. edTPA Video Project

7.3.1. Teaching Video Reflection

7.3.2. InTASC Standards

7.4. Professional ePortfolio

7.4.1. Background Information Resume Teaching Context Educational Philosophy Teaching Goals

7.4.2. Teaching artifacts and Reflections unit goals Instructional Plan Resources used in unit

7.4.3. Professional Information list of professional activities letters of recommendation formal evaluations

7.5. Technology Plan Grant Proposal

7.5.1. Signature Assignment Introduction Mission statement Goals and Objectives Resources needed Training & Maintance Future goals Student Assessment Concluding Remarks: ISTE standards

8. Peace, Justice & Ed Reform

8.1. The Equity Framework by Curtis Linton

8.1.1. Book Analysis

8.1.2. Discussions

8.2. Support Systems for Standardize Testing Research

8.2.1. Signature Project Advocacy through support systems ACT Test Support SBAC Test Support Focus Classroom culture

8.3. Educational change

8.3.1. Vision & Goals School Classroom Community State & National levels

8.4. Threaded Discussions:

8.4.1. Peace and Justice theories

8.4.2. Principles

8.4.3. Research related to educational reform

9. Educational Research & Design

9.1. The National Institute of Health Office of Extramural Research

9.1.1. Human Subjects Certification

9.2. Research Proposal

9.2.1. Social and Emotional Learning Annotated Bibliography Literature Review Methodology

10. Culminating Experience

10.1. Presentation of Learning

10.2. Institutional Review Board (IRB) Activities

10.3. Research Methods

11. Hawaiian Culture and Language

11.1. Hoʻoulu: Our time of becoming Hawaiian epistemology and early writings of Manulani Aluli Meyer

11.1.1. Manulani Aluli Meyer (2003)

11.1.2. Threaded Discussions

11.2. Hawaiian History

11.2.1. Diversity of Cultures

11.2.2. Cultural/political significance of indigenous languages

11.3. ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

11.3.1. Ka Leo ʻŌiwi Learning Series

11.3.2. Language worksheet

11.3.3. Threaded Discussions

11.4. Place-Based Multicultural Pedagogy

11.4.1. Signature Assignment Signature Project Brainstorm Nā Hopena A'o (HĀ) Framework Belonging Responsiblity Excellence Aloha Total Well-Being Hawaii Long-Term Plan Google Doc Google Site Focus Hana ʻOhana | Community Hana | Self


11.5.1. Analysis

11.5.2. Discussions

11.5.3. Reflections