PME-828-Task 2 Choosing a Theorist

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PME-828-Task 2 Choosing a Theorist by Mind Map: PME-828-Task 2        Choosing a Theorist

1. 2. What strategies will you use for conducting your search?

1.1. Searched the Web

1.2. Compare Findings

1.3. Topic had a lot of information

1.4. I was able to connect with the ideas of the Theorist

2. 3. How will you document your search so you can share your process and your product with us?

2.1. Choices

2.1.1. Web Page?

2.1.2. Blog?

2.1.3. Create a Chart?

2.1.4. Develop a Mind Map?

2.2. Selection: Utilize Mind Mapping & Develop a Web Page

3. 4. What organizational tool can you use to help you keep track of the resources and ideas that you locate so that you can see your growing understanding over time?

4. 5. How can a thoughtful process from the outset make for an easier translation into a product at the end?

4.1. Organize Your Thoughts

4.2. Easier Access to Reviewed Information

4.3. Planning with more ease

4.4. Share with Peers

4.5. Allow for Constructive Feedback

4.6. Quality End Product

5. Resources

5.1. Web Links

5.1.1. Videos

5.1.2. Blogs

5.1.3. Overview

5.1.4. Resources

5.2. Annotated Bibliography

5.3. References

5.3.1. Literature Reviewed

5.4. Additional Resources

6. 1. How will you select your theorists? What preliminary work do you need to do to find someone who you want to learn more about

6.1. Review List of Topics

6.2. Brief review of topics of interest and further further my goals

6.2.1. Responsive Evaluation?

6.2.2. Empowerment Evaluation?

6.3. Selection: Empowerment Evaluation which entered in 1993 - Its primary goal is “to help people help themselves” (Fetterman, 1996, p.5).

6.3.1. Fetterman

6.3.2. Social Accountability Alkin

6.3.3. Use