Progressive Movement

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Progressive Movement by Mind Map: Progressive Movement

1. MuckRakers

1.1. Thomas Nast

1.1.1. Created Political Cartoons Led To The Arrest Of Boss Tweed.

1.2. Lewis Hine

1.2.1. Took Photos Exposed child labor

1.3. Ida Wells

1.3.1. Her Friend Got Lynched Starting writing about how lynching was a crime!

1.4. Upton Saint Clair

1.4.1. Went Under cover in a meat factory Exposed terrible practices through a book called the jungle.

2. Womens Rights

2.1. Susan B. Anthony

2.1.1. A Leading Figure In womens rights and suffrage Went All around the u.s. protesting

2.2. Alice Paul

2.2.1. Wanted women's suffrage right then no matter what. protested in-front of the white house everyday Got arrested for "Blocking the sidewalk"

3. Captains Of Industries

3.1. Henry Ford

3.1.1. Captain Of Automobile Created Assembly Line Made production Faster And Cheaper

3.2. John D. Rockefeller

3.2.1. Captain Of Oil Got Exposed By Ida Tarbell

3.3. Cornelius Vanderbilt

3.3.1. Captain Of Railroad

3.4. J.P. Morgan

3.4.1. Captain Of Banking

3.5. Andrew Carnegie

3.5.1. Captain Of Steel Used The Bessemer Process Made Steel Production Cheaper

4. Labor Unions

4.1. American Federation Of labor

4.1.1. Started By Samuel Gompers Wanted Better Working Hours Still Around Today

4.2. The Knights Of Labor

4.2.1. Accepted All People Had Over 700,000 Members Accepted Various Crafts