Aeroponic Farm - Organic living - Animal Shelter - Rehab Farm

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Aeroponic Farm - Organic living - Animal Shelter - Rehab Farm by Mind Map: Aeroponic Farm - Organic living - Animal Shelter - Rehab Farm

1. Aeroponic Farm

1.1. Hydroponic Technique. It basically involves growing healthy plants without the use of a traditional soil medium by using a nutrient like a mineral rich water solution instead. A plant just needs select nutrients, some water, and sunlight to grow. Not only do plants grow without soil, they often grow a lot better with their roots in water instead. The reason why we dont want to use soil is because its already quite polluted.

1.2. Produce extremely nutritionally fortified fruits and vegetables.

1.3. Design it like a botanical park. Natural designed shelters, fish ponds, etc.

1.4. Sell it in mumbai and surrounding places/Make a store/Find Buyers

1.5. Research/Reference


1.5.2. Growing Soil-Less With Hydroponics: An Introduction to Innovative Farming at Home



1.6. Competition

1.6.1. Home | Letcetra | Hydroponic farming for everyone | Agriculture done right

1.6.2. Large Scale Form – Future Farms

1.7. Size/Equipment

1.8. Cost

1.8.1. Land

1.8.2. Equipment

1.8.3. Labor

1.8.4. Raw Material

1.8.5. Maintanance

1.9. What we grow

1.9.1. Bokchoi

1.9.2. Spinach

1.9.3. Chives

1.9.4. Tomato

1.9.5. Lettuce

1.9.6. Bhindi

2. Retreat for Humans

2.1. Yoga.Wellness.Awareness

2.2. Animal Farm/Rescued Animals

2.2.1. Shelter Pigs Cows and Buffalos Donkeys and Horses

2.2.2. Water- Natural Pond and shower area

2.2.3. Grazing Area

2.2.4. Feeding Area

2.2.5. Reference