Technologies Alisha Bates 10393522

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Technologies Alisha Bates 10393522 by Mind Map: Technologies Alisha Bates 10393522

1. Aims

1.1. Design and Technologies

1.1.1. Produce designed solutions suitable for a range of Technologies contexts

1.1.2. Understand the roles and responsibilities of people in design and technologies

1.2. Digital Technologies

1.2.1. Use computational thinking

1.2.2. Use digital systems to efficiently and effectively transform data

1.2.3. Apply systems thinking to monitor, analyse, predict,and shape interactions.

2. General Capabilities

2.1. Literacy

2.2. Numeracy

2.3. ICT Capability

2.4. Critical and Creative Thinking

2.5. Personal and social capability

2.6. Ethical Understanding

2.7. Intercultural Understanding

3. Student Diversity

3.1. Students with a disability

3.2. English as an additional language or dialect

3.3. Gifted and talented students

4. Cross Curriculum Priorities

4.1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

4.2. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

4.3. Sustainability

5. Key Ideas

5.1. Overarching Idea: Creating Preferred futures

5.2. Project Management

5.3. Thinking in Technologies

5.3.1. Systems Thinking

5.3.2. Design Thinking

5.3.3. Computational Thinking

5.4. Information and Communication technology in the Australian Curriculum

5.5. Safety

5.6. Animal Ethics

6. SCASA: Structure PP- Y10

6.1. Design and Technologies

6.1.1. Knowledge and Understanding Technologies and Society The use, development and impact of technologies in people's lives Technologies Contexts Engineering Principles and systems Food and Fibre Production Materials and technologies specialisations

6.1.2. Processes and Production Skills Creating Solutions By: Investigating and defining Designing Producing and Implementing Evaluating Collaborating and managing

6.2. Digital Technologies

6.2.1. Knowledge and Understanding Digital Systems The components of digital systems, hardware, software and networks and their use. Representation of Data How data are represented and structured symbolically

6.2.2. Processes and Production Skills Collecting, Managing and Analysing Data Digital Implementation Creating solutions By: Investigating and Defining Designing Producing and Implementing Evaluating Collaborating and Managing

6.2.3. Digital Resources Hopscotch Scratch Tynker

7. Key Terms and Definitions

8. Scope and Sequence PP - Y6

9. Year Levels

9.1. PP - 2

9.2. 3-4

9.3. 5-6

10. Achievement Standards

10.1. Students are expected to have achieved these by the end of the year

11. Content Descriptors and Evaluations

11.1. Learning Outcomes Prescribed from the Australian Curriculum