OJ Profile Creation

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OJ Profile Creation by Mind Map: OJ Profile Creation

1. AI 2018

1.1. Continuous Tasks

1.1.1. Monthly WPBS Full review - First Wed Bootstrap Research - First Wed Update AI process - Second Wed Developed 1 Divi and 1 WPBS Child theme

1.1.2. Weekly Reviewer app Review Child themes - TTh Weekly Meeting - Th or Fri Data Rock review Issues list Weekly To Dos Update OJ - TTh Publish AI Blog post - Wed Social Media updates

1.1.3. Daily Follow and read - Blog, Youtube, Podcasts and Social Media accounts Neil Patel DigitalMarketer.com SEO Land SEMRush Moz.com Clickfunnels.com Watch courses on Lynda.com SEO Online Marketing Wordpress

1.2. 1 Year Target

1.2.1. Well-oiled marketing system for AI

1.2.2. Expert level on SEO

1.2.3. Expert level driving website traffic Email marketing Creating sales funnels Social media marketing Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Pinterest Paid ads Google adwords Facebook ads

1.2.4. All marketing strategies implemented on Afterimagedesigns.com

1.2.5. AI is Wordpress Bootstrap authority

1.2.6. Develop 10 Divi & 10 WPBS Premium level child themes Web design agency Resume Lawyer Children Need to research for Child Theme Niche

1.2.7. AI Site - First page for atleast 10 keywords on SERP Seed keywords - need to research WPBS related keywords Top Wordpress agencies Top Website design agencies Philippines Wordpress VA Wordpress technical support Top Philippines SEO agencies

1.3. 1st Quarter Rocks

1.3.1. Monthly - AI Divi child theme

1.3.2. Monthly - WPBS Child Theme

1.3.3. Week 1 WPDev.ph updates - Portfolio and Resume OJ Resumes Review Application letters

1.3.4. Week 2 Get full-time SEO/Marketing clients Create list of competitors Spy on Competitors Sales funnel FB ads Google ads Social Media accounts Afterimagedesigns.com site re-design Transfer AI Members’ Area to team.afterimagedesigns.com

1.3.5. Week 3 SAP : AI site funnel Lead Magnet Squeeze page Thank you page / Tripwire offer 3 - Part Email Series

1.3.6. Week 4 Start detailed research about Wordpress and Bootstrap WPBS page re-design Send email to OJ prospect clients as AI web agency

1.4. 2nd Quarter Rocks

1.4.1. 1st Quarter Rocks - continuous development/improvement

1.4.2. Focus on Social Media marketing

1.4.3. Focus on Email Marketing

1.4.4. Hire writer Regular Blog posts Website contents Social media marketer

1.5. 3 Quarter Rocks

1.5.1. Previous quarters’ continuous developement / improvement

1.5.2. Implement Google adwords

1.5.3. Implement Facebook ads

1.6. 4th Quarter Rocks

1.6.1. Previous quarters’ continuous developement / improvement

1.7. Create OJ Profile

2. Hire VA from OJ

2.1. Subscribe to OJ Premium

2.2. Post Job listing - wanted VA

2.3. Initial Interview thru email

2.4. Send ID, Billing and Photo with ID

2.5. Strategy 1

2.5.1. Ask to create 5 Gmail Accounts

2.5.2. Ask to create Facebook account

2.5.3. Create Onlinejobs.ph

2.5.4. Put the login info to a spreadsheet

2.6. Strategy 2

2.6.1. Can you give to me your OJ logins

2.7. Strategy 3

2.7.1. Can you create OJ profiles for us, you can your friends or other sibling's accounts

2.8. Strategy 4

2.8.1. Can you change your OJ Profile as web dev


3.1. Atleast 1 OJ profile on results page

3.2. Daily Scouting on job listings

4. Hire VA from non-OJ

4.1. Strategy 1

4.1.1. Ask to create Gmail

4.1.2. Create OJ Profile

4.1.3. Link their FB accounts

4.2. Strategy 2

4.2.1. Ask for ID, Billing Statement and Photo with ID

4.2.2. Link OJ profile to their Facebook account

4.3. Strategy 3

4.3.1. Ask to create OJ Profile