Changing urban environments

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Changing urban environments by Mind Map: Changing urban environments

1. Urbanisation

1.1. Global patterns of change

1.2. Megacities

1.3. Factors affecting rates of urbanisation

2. HIC city- Plymouth

2.1. Overview

2.1.1. Importance L,N,I

2.1.2. Urban change

2.1.3. Impact of migration

2.2. Opportunities

2.2.1. Social and economic Cultural mix Recreational and entertainment Employment Integrated transport systems

2.2.2. Environmental Urban greening

2.3. Challenges

2.3.1. Social and economic Inequalities in employment Urban deprivation Inequality in housing Inequality in education Inequalities in health

2.3.2. Environmental Dereliction Brownfield/ greenfield sites Waste disposal

2.3.3. Impact of urban sprawl

2.4. Urban regeneration RWY

2.4.1. Reason needed

2.4.2. Successes

2.4.3. Failures

3. LIC/NEE city - Mumbai

3.1. Overview

3.1.1. Importance L,N and I

3.1.2. Causes of growth

3.2. Opportunities

3.2.1. Social Access to services :health and education Access to resources:water and energy

3.2.2. Economic Impact of industrial areas on economic development

3.3. Challenges

3.3.1. Squatter settlement

3.3.2. Water, sanitation and energy

3.3.3. Services-H and E

3.3.4. Unemployment and crime

3.3.5. Environmental issues

3.4. Example of urban planning and how it has improved quality of life

4. Sustainable urban living

4.1. Water and energy

4.2. Waste recycling

4.3. Green spaces