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1. Privacy

1.1. Professionally Defined

1.1.1. The definition of privacy according to is “the state of being apart from other people of concealed from their view.” Although vague this definition broadens our understanding of privacy and how we as individuals are able to interrupt privacy differently then others. After reading our course materials it became clear to me that the reality of privacy in a world surrounded by technology is very hard to achieve. We live in a world submerged where a one mistake can ruin someones career or life and for all the right reasons a lot of people live in fear of consequences they might face for their actions in real life and online.

1.2. Why?

1.2.1. I chose privacy as one of my focal areas because of the recent events next door to us in the United States. I believe privacy is a basic human right and in a world where your life is transparent for others to see it is even more important to have a space of individuality. In a recent study by PEW 21% of internet users have had an e-mail or social account compromised or taken by someone without permission.

2. Cyber Terrorism

2.1. Professionally Defined

2.1.1. The definition of cyber terrorism according to is “computer based attacks aimed at disabling vital computers so as to intimidate” From this definition we are able to further understand the basics of cyber terrorism but it does not stop here. Cyber terrorism is a intrigue umbrella filled with a variety of tools aimed at targeting individuals in large quantity. Denial of Serivce

2.2. Why?

2.2.1. I chose cyber terrorism as my second focus area due to the growing number of cyber-attacks today. I believe cyber terrorism to be a huge learning area for people and much like privacy learning how to protect themselves from threats such as information leaks, malware and spyware. Moving into such a heavily technological era it is even more important now than ever to learn to protect yourself from cyber terror. To see a demonstration of security tips to help protect yourself from cyber terrorism check out my creative section!

3. In a world submerged in social media and digital content, lack of privacy and the threat of cyber terrorism become more of a reality going into the future. Today privacy is a basic human right, although often disregarded it is becoming more important to the younger generations who choose to share their life online that their integrity and privacy be respected without the threat of terrorism from others.

3.1. According to a study conducted by Canadians Connected 2013 34% of Canadians value their privacy online and state, “There is no acceptable reason for the government to track my internet activity under any circumstances”

3.1.1. Although privacy and cyber terrorism are two completely different topics they go hand in hand. This is present in cyber terrorism through lack of privacy precautions and evident in privacy by putting yourself at risk of cyber threats. According to Fisher, in 2012 the United States had been attacked by cyber terrorism and $136 billion dollars was “erased”. Even though this money had been easily fixed by online safety measures imagine what caused this invasive attack. The cyber-terror attack would have not been possible without information, caused from lack of privacy or protection. This among many examples through our course information should be a call to everyone to protect themselves, even more so online.

3.2. Interested in learning more about online privacy? Check out what is going right next door to us in the United States with net neutrality What the U.S. net-neutrality repeal means for Americans and Canadians

4. For my creative piece I decided to create a series of videos of how to increase online privacy to protect your from cyber threats on large social media platforms.

4.1. instagram Security Tip

4.2. Facebook Security Tip


5.1. In our course module for cyber terrorism there is a website link to the history of Cyberattacks, although interesting I have a thinking point for everyone. At the rate of technological advances today when will safety measures to protect users be updated?

6. Hopefully these tips will be able to increase your privacy online and help to protect you from being a potential target of cyber terrorism!