ShallisGroup360 Overview Notes-Resources

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ShallisGroup360 Overview Notes-Resources by Mind Map: ShallisGroup360 Overview Notes-Resources

1. Marketing

1.1. Introduction Package

1.1.1. Money Trees

1.1.2. JV-Webpage/resource Page

1.1.3. Product and Service Catalog Instruction Pages on How to Order

1.2. VIP Partner Sales-Marketing Education Education..Online Training portal for Staff

1.2.1. Quarterly Business Building Workshops for VIP Partners Video library and online resource access

1.2.2. Offer VIP vendors Access to our training Materials to help build their businesses

1.3. JV Partner page on SG360

1.3.1. Online Order Access

1.4. Dedicated JV Partner Directors

1.5. JV Partner Appreciation Parties

1.6. JV Product and Service Awareness Meetings


1.8. Login - Qlutch

2. Website

2.1. ShallisGroup360 Asset Management Page

2.1.1. Site Overview of look, Feel and Functionality, Ideas of Site Structure , Pages, Access points, Front End Look for Vendors, vs Clients. Judges, Administrators Etc etc JV Partners pages Individual Client log in Status reports, Account Balances, Work Orders, Estimates, repairs, Task Schedules, Completion VIP Partner and Vendor Access Shows all Active and requested accounts, status of relationship and link to Client Portal Page Who, What, Where When, Why and How SG360 Create Standard Partner templates, Sidebar Order access

2.2. Probate and Estate Experts

2.3. Stopmytaxes

2.4. Hyper Local Community pages

2.4.1. Condo and Townhouse Communities

2.5. Sample Sites

2.5.1. Hermes Investment Management Global Homepage

2.6. Development and Discovery Process

2.6.1. Questions to Consider in Your Discovery Phase | Eri Design


2.6.3. Kajabi Demo

2.7. Platform Samples


2.7.2. Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

2.7.3. Online Real Estate Transaction Management Software - Reesio



2.7.6. Personal Property Managers - Home Downsizing - Real Estate

2.7.7. Bucks County Web Design | Doylestown Web Design Company | 18901

2.7.8. FAQs - Real Property Management Franchise

2.7.9. Matt Cherepanya - Inverse Paradox

2.7.10. Plans - SkySlope

3. Sales

3.1. Retail Sales Marketing Strategies

3.1.1. Probate Administrators

3.1.2. Commission Inc

3.1.3. Strategic Partners

3.1.4. AhappyGrasshopper

3.1.5. Kings Video

3.1.6. Church Bulletin Florham Park Johnn Patrick Publishing (800)333-3166

3.1.7. Dinner Matt

3.1.8. Softball Mens Softball Youth Softball

3.2. Wholesale Sales

3.2.1. Key Influencers Continuing Education organizations licensing Organizationa Court Influencers Morris County

3.2.2. Strategic Partnerships Judges Accountants Lawyers Referral Agents Appraisers Bankers Mortgage Brokers Certified Financial Planners landscapers Senior Community Directors SME Educators and certification advisors 1031-401K Exchange managers Closet organizers General Contractors Home inspectors Court Administrators Title Rep Insurance rep

4. PR

4.1. Market Penetration Action Plans

5. Support

5.1. Compliance and legal

5.1.1. On Staff legal Consul

5.2. Zen Desk Education System

5.2.1. Internal Sales training

5.2.2. Strategic Partner Training

5.2.3. Business Building Resource Library

6. Development

6.1. Legal

7. Driving API Adoption | API Integration Platform | Cloud Elements

8. Product and Services Offered

8.1. Revenue Generating

8.1.1. Liquidation and Sales Personal Property "Chattel" Real Estate Sales

8.2. Consulting-recruiting "Guns for Hire" "SG360 SME Consulting" ,,

8.2.1. Business

8.2.2. Personal Property "Chattel" gemologist Fine Art Numismatics Vehicles Land Air Watercraft General Estate Assets Vintage Clothes Furniture Figurines China and Flatware Floor Coverings Landscaping Cashman landscaping

8.2.3. Real Estate Property Land and Entitlements Residential 1-4 Family Res-mercial Mixed Use Light Commercial in residential Zone Commercial Industrial office

8.3. lead generating

8.3.1. Evaluation and Formal Appraisal Real Property Personal Property "Chattel"

8.3.2. Research and Reports Personal Property Real property

8.3.3. Security

9. Board of Advisers

9.1. Chris Larmer

9.2. Armando DiRienzo