Project Time management

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Project Time management by Mind Map: Project Time management

1. Definition Activities

1.1. Tools & Technique

1.1.1. Decomposition

1.1.2. Rolling wave planning

1.2. Key input

1.2.1. Schedule management plan

1.2.2. Scope basline

2. Plan sqhedule management

3. Sequence activities

3.1. ITTO

3.1.1. Key input Schedule management plan Methods or tool to do the project Activity list All schedule acltivities requird in project Activity attributes Describe successful relationships Milestone list List may have date for specific milestones

3.1.2. Tool and Technique Precedence diagramming method Types of dependencies Dependencies Dependency Determination Leads and lags

4. Estimate activity resources

4.1. Estimating types,quantities of material, HR, equipment, or supplies required to perform each activity

4.2. ITTo

4.2.1. Key input Schedule management plan Accuracy and unit of measure for the resources Activity list Identify activities that will need resources Activity attributes Provide Primary Data input for use for each activity

4.2.2. Tools and techniques Alternative analysis Published estimating data Bottom-up-estimating

4.2.3. Key output Activity resource requirements Resources breakdown structure Labor Material Equipment Supplies

5. Estimate activity duration

5.1. Number of work period need to complete individual activities

5.2. ITTO

5.2.1. Key input Schedule management plan Defined the method use in the level of accuracy Activity list Determine duration estimates free to them Activity resource requirement Affect on the duration of the activity

5.2.2. Tools and techniques Expert judgment Analogous- estimating Parametric- estimating Three point - estimating Group decision making techniques Reserve analysis

5.2.3. Key output Activity duration estimates Project documents updates

6. Develop schedule

6.1. Analysis activity sequences, duration, resources requirements and schedule to create project

6.2. Key input

6.2.1. Schedule management plan

6.2.2. Activity list

6.2.3. Activity resource requirement

6.2.4. Resource calendar

6.2.5. Activity duration estimates

6.2.6. Project network schedule diagrams

6.2.7. Activity attributes

6.3. Tools & Technique

6.3.1. Critical path method

6.3.2. Resource optimization techniques

6.3.3. Modeling techniques

6.3.4. Critical chain method

6.3.5. Schedule compression

6.4. Key output

6.4.1. Schedule baseline

7. Control schedule

7.1. Key input

7.1.1. Project management plan How the schedule managed and control

7.1.2. Work performance data

7.2. Tools & Technique

7.2.1. Trend analysis

7.2.2. Schedule variance

7.2.3. Schedule performance index

7.2.4. Project management software

7.3. Output

7.3.1. Work performance information

7.3.2. Schedule forecasts

7.3.3. Change requests